Are You Ready
for a New Life?

Your Breakthrough Awaits

I help my clients get clear about what stops them from reaching their career and life goals and partner with them to close those gaps so they can live a life they have always imagined. I work with clients in two areas: facilitative - in the planning, setting and visualization of measurable goals and projects so they know exactly where they want to be and how they will plan to get there, and ontologically - in assessing their ways of being in relationship to their goals to get to the heart of their core belief systems, crush the fears and insecurities, and coach them towards breakthroughs in creating what they say they want for their lives. I provide support and accountability in the process to ensure successful completion of goals set forth and to remind them of who they are as they embark on uncharted territories and step out of their comfort zones to grab whatever is waiting for them on the other side!

I also work with clients In the creation and enhancement of professional resumes that are both unique to their journeys and will get them the attention with employers they are looking for. I have created and enhanced over 1000 original resumes and have assisted clients in sharpening their interview skills so they can be prepared to get the job they really want. I help clients prepare for their interviews using easy terminology and focused responses. I also provide Mock interview sessions and evaluations to further assist clients in their interview process overall.

I partner with clients just entering the workforce and looking for what’s next, others who have left and returned and are looking to segue back into the job market, individuals who are looking to change their career directions all together, others who are unsure of what they want to do next, and individuals who may be looking to take their long-standing careers to the next level. If you would like to talk about ways that I may be of service to you as you transition, I would love to speak with you!

The Coaching Process

How It Works
  1. Set up appointment for a free 20 minute consultation
  2. Collaborate to assess particular needs and goals of the coaching relationship.
  3. Partner together to select a day and time to conduct weekly 1 hour coaching sessions.

For Resume Writing Services, consultation time is the same, however, additional communication is typically conducted via email and it is a one-week turnaround on documents.

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